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    Kids like lovely and salty and unhealthy treats - unfortunately these factors are very harmful How do you as a well-cared parent get your child to eat healthy and balanced diet plan That requires 'juggling' or the stability between excellent and healthy and balanced Learn younger 'Juggling with food' is the title of a book written by nutrition lecturer Jaap Seidell and psychologist Jutka Halberstadt They want to offer mother and father and actually the whole society tools to help children and adolescents Try With PopChips eat more healthy That 'juggling' with food may also be interpreted as 'young learn to eat healthy' Good intentions Although Seidell and Halberstadt give mother and father guidelines on how to offer more healthy food mother and father do not want to offer the concept they are doing wrong now On the contrary mother and father often do their best for example by giving children no white-colored breads for morning food but cereals in the way of creusli And they .

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